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How do I make a reservation? How much is the tour fee?
All experiences are available to those who make a reservation beforehand at the homepage and one can make a reservation at the main page 'Reservation'.
* One can make a reservation from the 1st day of each month at 9:00 to the last day of the next month
Busan 119 Safety Experience Center is free for all to secure the safety right of civilians.
How can I make changes such as cancellation, changing the number of people for the experience, and so on after making a reservation?
You may cancel the reservation through the section titled : 'Reservation Confirmation and Cancellation' on the main page of the homepage.
Changing the number of people for the experience can be done by calling +82 51-760-5870~1.
Can I experience the course at different times continuously?
You may book different courses at once when you make a reservation.
You can experience the next course as soon as you are done with the first course.
Example 1) Orientation (10 minutes) → Urban Disasters (60 minutes) → Everyday Life Safety (60 minutes) → 4D Video (20 minutes)
Example 2) 09:30 (Orientation) → 09:40 (Experience 1) → 10:40 (Experience 2) → 11:40 (4D Video)
All courses are composed of Orientation (10 minutes) → Experience (60 minutes) → 4D Video (20 minutes) and the courses of Orientation and 4D Video are the same, so you don't have to participate in both.
Is there any age limit for the experience?
Only the children under 8 years old (5 ~ 7 years old) may experience Sprout Safety Town. (Guardians should be at the Parents Waiting Space during the experience)
Electricity Safety can be experienced by all ages.
Urban Disasters, Everyday Life Safety, Natural Disasters, Emergency Dispatch119, Fire Accident Response can be experienced by children above 8 years old (Above Elementary School students).
For the experience (besides Sprout Safety Town), below Elementary School students should be accompanied by the guardians.
How can I make a reservation for the disabled?
You may make a reservation through the homepage and please mark 'the disabled' when making a reservation.
After making a reservation, please call +82 51-760-5834 and tell us the level of disability for us to provide a better service.
Busan 119 Safety Experience Center is doing its best to assure the safety right of the disabled and is considering the characteristics and the safety of the Experience Center. Thus, there may be a limit for the experience depending on the level of disability.
Can I experience the course at night time?
Busan 119 Safety Experience Center offers a late-night program on every Wednesdays (18:50 ~ 21:00).
How can I issue an Experience Certificate?
Please enter 'Name, School Name/Department' when making a reservation after marking 'Need of Certification'.
You may print the 'Experience Certificate' on the main page of the homepage within 2~5 days after the experience.
* You may add additional names on the 'Reservation Confirmation and Cancellation (List management)' of the main page of the homepage.
Is there any Experience facility that I can use without making a reservation?
119Safety Puppet Show and VR Disasters can be experienced by on-site reservations (1st flood Information Desk).
History of Firefighting can be experienced freely since it is a learning space of history of firefighting through introducing the major disasters and exhibiting the relics.
There are Kids Land, Commemoration Park, Helicopter Exhibition Center, and etc. for Outdoor Facilities.
How can I use the Food Cafe(Restaurant)?

Food Cafe(Restaurant) located on the B1 floor has 60 seats and sells convenient foods and drinks. Please contact +82 51-553-0110 beforehand for a group reservation. For keeping a pleasant environment, no food is allowed inside the Experience Center. Please use the Convenience Facilities (open-air terrace) for the lunchbox and so on.
Where is the Lost and Found?
The items we acquired are kept at the Information Desk (+82 51-760-5870~1) on the 1st floor.
* How to handle the lost items
- General items are kept at the Information Desk on the 1st floor for 3 months.
- Valuables (Cell phone, wallet, camera, and etc.) are kept for 1 month and are transferred to Dongnae Police Station afterward.