Experience Information

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Experience Information

Fire Accident Response

The entrance of 119 Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarter
GOALLearning the countermeasures for the fire
  • PEOPLE 20 people for the experience
  • AGE Above 8 years old for the experience (Above the elementary school students)
    ※ Elementary school students should be accompanied by the guardians and make a reservation beforehand.
  • TIME 60 minutes for the experience
  • TIME TABLE(Weekday)   09:30    10:30    11:30    13:30    14:30     15:30
    (Night time)   Wednesday   18:50    19:50
    (Saturday)   Refer to the Make Reservation
  • COURSE 119 all-source intelligence center → Suppressing the fire site → Emergency escape → Power of 1 fire extinguisher
  1. 1. 119 all-source intelligence center

    Inside the 119 all0source intelligence center How to report to the 119 appropriately
  2. 2. Suppressing the fire site

    Inside the safe homes How to put out the fire by using fire hose station
  3. 3. Emergency escape

    Learning the emergency escape How to make an emergency escape by using the escape tools in case of fire
  4. 4. Power of 1 fire extinguisher

    Experiencing the fire extinguisher Understanding the principles of putting out different kinds of fire and how to use the fire extinguisher