You can make a reservation for various experiences at the Experience Center

Usage Information

  • Location    Busan 119 Safety ExperienceCenter, 175 Ujangchun-ro, Dongnae-gu, Busan (San13-1, Oncheon-dong)
  • Tel    +82 51-760-5870~1
Operating hours
  • Daytime : 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Nighttime : Wednesday (Begins at 18:50)
Closed days

January 1st, holidays such as Korean New Year's Day·Chuseok, every Mondays
※ But, if Monday is a holiday, the Center will be closed on the next day



Parking lot
  • Free parking fee
  • Location : B1 of the Experience Center
  • Parking spaces :
    60 parking spaces for cars
    3 parking spaces for large-sized buses

Reservation Method

  • Operating with the homepage pre-reservation policy
  • Foreigners may make a reservation on the phone.
Reservation Method
Basic reservation method Seniors above 65 years old Remaining reservation time of the day
Homepage reservation Phone reservation On-site reservation
  • On-site reservation : 119Safety Puppet Show, VR Disasters / Free tour : History of Firefighting
  • Continuous Experiences are allowed : 6 different courses excluding Sprout Safety Town (5~7 years old)
  • The reservation can be canceled through the homepage up until 3 days before the experience and if one does not show up 3 times after making the reservations, another reservation cannot be made for 1 year.

Experience Information

  • Arriving 10 minutes before the experience → Confirming the reservation at the Information Desk on the 1st floor → Entering the Experience Welcoming Room
  • If one arrives after the experience starts, one cannot experience the activity / If the people particpatingtotal under 5 people, the experience can be changed or adjusted for another experience
  • Personal belongings should be kept in the lockers in front of the Sprout Safety Town on the 1st floor
  • Operating the shuttle bus : 4 times a day (2 times in the morning, and 2 times in the afternoon) / Closed days, weekends, and holidays are excluded (Departing from the exit no.3 of Dongnae station)
Experience Information
Category Sprout Safety Town Electrical safety City, Life, Nature, Emergency, Fire
Experiencing people 20 20 20
Experiencing ages Lower than 8 years old (5~7 years old) All ages Above 8 years old (Above Elementary School students)
Experience time 60 minutes 40 minutes 90 minutes for the experience (4D video included)
Guardians reservation X O (Kids not yet in Elementary School should be accompanied by guardians and make a reservation beforehand)
Nighttime experience X 2 times on Wednesday(18:50, 19:50)
Experience Certificate O It can be issued when the list is entered
Experience outfit Casual clothes, sneakers
Cautions During the experience, the guardian should be at the parent waiting space Pre-school children cannot enter (Even with the guardians)

※ Experience course can be changed partially due to the circumstances of the Experience Center

Pre-school children cannot enter (Even with the guardians)

  • No foods are allowed inside the Experience Center (Please use Food Cafe·Open-air Terrace for meals and snacks)
  • Do not manipulate the Experience·Exhibition facilities arbitrarily (If one does, the compensation will be demanded)
  • Public transportation is recommended due to the small parking lot (5-part systems for vehicles or weekly system will be operated, the shuttle bus will be available)
  • Please cooperate with faculty members for your safety and tour order.
  • Foreigners can only make a reservation on the phone.