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Experience Information

Electricity Safety

Electrical Safety Exhibitions
GOALUnderstanding Electricity and learning how to use electricity safely
  • PEOPLE 20 peoples
  • AGE Elementary school students and older
    ※ Reservation and admission with parents of elementary school students.
  • TIME 30 minutes
  • TIME TABLE (Weekday)       09:30    10:30    11:30    13:30    14:30    15:30
    (Night time)       Wednesday   18:50    19:50
    (Sunday)   Refer to the Make Reservation
  • COURSE Understanding the electricity → Power consumption·Standby Power → Electricity generation → Overcurrent
  1. 1. Understanding the electricity

    Exhibitions for using the electricity safely The dangerousness of electricity and how to use electricity safely
  2. 2. Power consumption·Standby Power

    Power consumption·Standby Power exhibitions How to save energy in daily life
  3. 3. Electricity generation

    Electricity generation by using bicycle motor energy Understanding the principle of electricity generation
  4. 4. Overcurrent

    Overcurrent exhibition Experiencing the safety accident through the electricity safety simulator