Experience Information

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Experience Information

119Safety Puppet Show

Puppets and Stage for 119Safety Puppet Show
GOALPuppet show safe training customized for the children
  • PEOPLE 60 people for the experience
  • AGE Below 13 years old for the experience (Under the elementary school students), guardians
    ※ Must be accompanied with the guardians and should make a reservation beforehand
  • TIME 15 minutes for the experience
  • TIME TABLE 12:10    13:50
    On-site reservation (1st-floor Information Desk)
  • COURSE Preventing the traffic accident (the first half, January ~ June)
    Preventing the fire (the second half, July ~ December)
  1. 1. Preventing the traffic accident

    Puppet show for preventing the traffic accident Traffic safety learning through the puppet show
  2. 2. Preventing a fire

    Puppet show for preventing the fire Fire safety learned through the puppet show